Texas joins states abandoning American Library Association over left-wing ideologies

Republican Rep. Brian Harrison called cutting ties a ‘huge win’ against an organization that has bowed to woke agendas, including drag queen story hours, tips on how to ‘sneak’ LGBT materials to kids without parental knowledge, and publicly endorsing and participating in initiatives to promote LGBT books in school libraries.

(LifeSiteNews) — Texas has become the latest in a slew of states rejecting the left-wing propaganda of the American Library Association (ALA) and cutting ties with the national organization.

Rep. Brian Harrison, who demanded his state leave the organization last month over concerns that its president is a self-proclaimed “Marxist lesbian,” announced Thursday that the Texas State Library & Archives Commission had decided to cut ties with the ALA. The Republican lawmaker celebrated the development as a “huge win.”

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Second Lawsuit Filed to Challenge Law Protecting Children From Sexually Explicit Performances

The Texas House voted earlier this year to honor the LGBT groups now suing to block the state’s new law.

by Emily Medeiros

Following the ACLU of Texas filing a lawsuit challenging a measure to protect children from sexually explicit performances, a second lawsuit has been filed to block the new law.

Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP), a group of lawyers who work to advance civil rights for the “most vulnerable populations,” is filing the lawsuit on behalf of a theater company called VORTEX Repertory Company, several Texas LGBT Chambers of Commerce, and individual performers.

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State Rep. Harrison Calls on Texas State Library to Cut Ties With ALA

After electing a self-proclaimed Marxist as the American Library Association’s national president, a lawmaker wants Texas to follow Montana and cut all ties with the association.

by Emily Medeiros

With the American Library Association’s newest president being an outspoken Marxist, Republican State Rep. Brian Harrison of Midlothian is calling on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to cut ties with the association. 

Harrison issued a statement this week calling on Commissioner Chair Martha Wong to cut all ties with the ALA, saying Texas should lead the fight against Marxist ideology, not subsidize it.