Lawmaker Calls for Investigation Into Frisco ISD Trustees

“I have grave concerns about the [trustees’] conduct and the serious nature of this meeting.”

by Soli Rice – March 15, 2023

Following the recent publication of undercover footage from a meeting with three Frisco Independent School District trustees, State Rep. Matt Shaheen of Plano has requested that the Texas Education Agency launch an investigation into the FISD trustees present.

The footage revealed trustees René Archambault, Dynette Davis, and Debbie Gillespie conspiring with liberal-leaning parents in the meeting to silence conservative parents, students, educators, and fellow FISD trustees.

University of Texas System pauses new diversity, equity and inclusion policies

The system leaders’ decision comes weeks after Gov. Greg Abbott ordered state agencies to stop considering diversity in hiring. Texas A&M University also recently changed its hiring practices.

Feds Fund Hypersexualized “Suicide” Hotlines for Children

The federal government is funding “suicide” schemes and a hotline promoting radical LGBT ideology and fringe hypersexualized organizations that critics have accused of “grooming” children, while state and local education officials promote the program to children in their care, concerned mothers and activists are warning. And it is happening even in conservative states. 

It does not take long to get from the “National Suicide Hotline” (now reachable at 988) to the so-called “Trevor Project,” a recommended resource from the hotline that promotes pseudoscientific “gender” ideology and confusion. The target: children. The group open boasts that it is creating a “community” based on sex and gender involving both children and adults.  

Texas Lawmaker Files New Bill to Ban ‘All-ages’ Drag Shows in Texas
“With HB 1266, Texas children will be prevented from being exposed to overly sexual content that will rob them of their innocence for the sake of furthering radical ideologies.”

State Rep. Nate Schatzline, a Republican from Fort Worth, has filed House Bill 1266, which would ban so-called “family-friendly” drag shows. The bill would amend the Business and Commerce Code to include drag shows as a sexually oriented business, meaning minors would no longer be able to attend.

“With HB 1266, Texas children will be prevented from being exposed to overly sexual content that will rob them of their innocence for the sake of furthering radical ideologies,” Schatzline said.

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‘Stop The Sexualization Of Children’: Texas Moves To Ban Lessons On Gender Ideology, Sexual Orientation In Schools

by Laurel Duggan

Republican Texas Sen. Bob Hall introduced legislation Thursday barring classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools.

The bill also requires schools to notify parents when a child receives in-school services for physical, emotional or mental health issues and bars school employees from withholding information from parents’ about a child identifying as transgender. It comes amid growing concerns about the inclusion of classroom lessons and school activities addressing sensitive topics related to gender and sexuality which have triggered other states to restrict such activities.

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Parental Rights Advocates Hopeful for Constitutional Protections and Big Changes to CPS

by Darrell Frost

A strong push for parental rights legislation is expected in this year’s legislative session, as both the Republican Party of Texas and an influential advocacy organization have targeted the issue as a top priority.

The Family Freedom Project, an offshoot of the Texas Homeschool Coalition and a vehement advocate for parental rights, hopes to see the passage of a constitutional amendment providing broad protections for parental rights as well as a comprehensive bill implementing a number of long-needed reforms to Child Protective Services, which some critics have labeled as “out of control.”

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Frisco ISD board votes to remove books from libraries for the first time following state lawmaker’s requests

by Matt Howerton

FRISCO, Texas — Board members for the Frisco Independent School District voted to permanently remove five titles from district shelves Wednesday evening after a state Republican lawmaker challenged 28 books to be reviewed within the district weeks ago.

It was the first time the board had voted to remove titles from district shelves permanently.

State Rep. Jared Patterson of the 106th District appealed to the board to review the titles after they had been vetted and deemed appropriate by parents, staff and administrators. 

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Abusive Medical Procedures: Protecting Children

by Robert Montoya

Deep state bureaucrats, ideology-driven medical practitioners, and lawfare coalitions have set themselves against the grassroots movement to protect children from gender mutilation and hormone manipulation. With scientific research sounding alarms about the risks these abusive medical procedures pose, subject matter specialists offer clear policies to help kids be kids.

In our investigative series on this subject, Texas Scorecard has reviewed and reported scientific research pointing out the dangerous side effects and permanent consequences of gender mutilation and hormone manipulation. These alarms escalated after efforts in the Western world to expand the target range for these abusive medical procedures from adults only to children as well.

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Trans Wreck’ Reveals the Malignant Gender Ideology Sweeping Through Schools

by |

At a showing for the new documentary “Trans Wreck,” State Rep. Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) advised parents in the audience to let the school districts know they’re watching because “we’ve been too quiet for too long.”

In an hour and fifteen minutes, “Trans Wreck” takes the audience through the hazards of the malignant gender ideologies sweeping through the youngest generation via public schools and social media.

Sara Gonzales on Texas drag show: ‘This is the sexual abuse of children’

BlazeTV’s Sara Gonzales explains why she believes children should be prohibited from attending drag events on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’


The teachers union promotes a how-to guide for “anal sex,” “bondage,” “sadomasochism,” and “fisting.”


The national teachers union’s “LGBTQ+ Caucus” has created a website and badge for public school employees that promote non-binary identities, a how-to guide for “queer sex,” and the idea that “transgender men can get pregnant.”

According to local reports, the National Education Association and its local affiliate in Hilliard, Ohio, have been providing staff in the Hilliard City School District with the QR code-enabled badges, which point to the “NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus” website and resources from gender activist organizations including Scarleteen, Sex, Etc., Gender Spectrum, The Trevor Project, and Teen Health Source.

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Texas Education Conference to Feature Drag Queen Story Hour President

SXSW EDU’s program includes three drag queens explaining the “Fight for Queer Herstories.”

by Katy Drollinger

As venues across the state continue exposing children to drag shows, one education conference aimed at Texas teachers is featuring three board members of Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) as speakers.

Every year, the South by Southwest festival sponsors SXSW EDU, a conference held in Austin for teachers and other educators that advertises “learning and discovery for all education stakeholders.” The four-day event features programming based on 11 different themes in education, including Global InitiativesAccessibility and Inclusion, and Policy and Civic Engagement.

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Central Texas LGBT Group Sponsors Multiple ‘All-Ages’ Drag Shows

“This kind of evil being forced on Texas children must come to an end.”

by Katy Drollinger | September 13, 2022

SAN MARCOS, TX – Over the weekend, San Marcos Texas Pride (SMTX Pride) hosted its ninth annual “pride festival,” featuring an “all-ages” drag show in front of the Hays County courthouse.

After the festival, a nearby establishment, Roughhouse Brewing, partnered with SMTX Pride and organized another “all-ages Pride Drag Show.” The brewery also sponsored a “Trans Exclusive Youth Pageant” event earlier in the weekend.

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Prosper School Board’s Response to Sex Abuse Cover-Up ‘Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test’

by Erin Anderson

Prosper ISD’s “prepared statement” on the scandal, delivered by the board of trustees, raises more questions than it answers.

A North Texas community is demanding answers in the wake of shocking revelations that a school bus driver got away with sexually abusing two little girls for the entire 2021-2022 school year—and that district officials covered up the crimes for months after they were discovered.

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K-12 Teachers In Texas Are Urged To Take This ‘LGBTQIA+’ Training on Taxpayers’ Dime, Here’s The Course Materials They Are Given To Brainwash Students

Corrupting the US education system with perverse propaganda is a top priority for globalists and leftists who are intent on destroying the United States from within. The Austin Independent School District in Texas is pushing  K-12 teachers to attend a training seminar on “how to create supportive learning environments for LGBTQIA+” students as young as five at taxpayer expense.

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Austin’s School District Proposes Massive Debt, Higher Taxes

by Adam Cahn

Taxpayers in Texas’ capital city are being offered a “choice,” at least according to the public education bureaucracy.

At issue is Austin Independent School District’s new series of bonds likely to be placed on this November’s ballot. The district hosted public meetings this past Saturday for feedback, and, according to school officials, taxpayers will get to “decide” between a $1.5 and a $2.1 billion package.

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Case Study: How a 7-Year Old Came to be Trans

by Christina Buttons and Colin Wright

In recent years there has been a sudden and dramatic rise in the number of children being referred to gender clinics for gender dysphoria—the experience of distress caused by a perceived mismatch between one’s biological sex and “gender identity.” This is likely due to the equally sudden rise of a radical new ideology—gender ideology—which is a set of beliefs asserting that whether someone is a man/boy or woman/girl is entirely rooted in one’s subjective “gender identity” as opposed to one’s objective biological sex. In practice, “gender identity” reflects an individual’s affinity to, or rejection of, masculine and/or feminine stereotypes.

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Round Rock ISD Parents Petition Texas Education AgencyRound Rock ISD Parents Petition Texas Education Agency

Parents are asking that TEA remove Round Rock ISD Superintendent Azaiez and halt the “criminal actions” of the Round Rock ISD board of trustees.

AUSTIN, TX — Around 30 parents, grandparents, and community taxpayers gathered this morning outside the Texas Education Agency (TEA) building to petition the TEA for the removal of Superintendent Hafedh Azaiez and enact penalties on the Round Rock ISD board of trustees.

Parent Petitions to Close Legal Loopholes Allowing Obscenity in Texas Schools

Protecting students from harmful sexual content is a serious issue in Texas’ K-12 schools.

A Texas parent concerned about schools exposing children to sexually explicit materials has started a petition urging lawmakers to close legal loopholes that are allowing obscene books into students’ libraries.

Obscenity is not protected free speech, and making obscene or harmful material available to minors is a crime under both federal and state laws.

But loopholes in Texas law allow giving minors access to otherwise illegal sexual content if it’s for “educational” or “governmental” purposes.

North Texans Rally Against Obscene Books in Schools

Parents say McKinney ISD and other districts need to keep sexually explicit material away from school kids.

Dozens of North Texas parents rallied in McKinney on Saturday to bring attention to what they call pornography being ignored in Texas schools, and to make local residents aware it’s happening in McKinney Independent School District.

“Sadly, many still do not know,” McKinney resident Kyle Sims told Texas Scorecard. “The school board has acted very defiant and seems to not believe this is an issue.”