Critical Race Theory

What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

CRT indoctrinates children into a Marxist worldview that turns students into “activists” in order to defy America’s so-called “systemic racism.” Similar to the “LGBTQIA+” alphabet soup acronym for identity victim groups, CRT uses the acronym “BIPOC” for Black Indigenous People of Color to describe all races other than Caucasian or Asian. CRT incites anger and hatred on the part of the oppressed (BIPOC) over their oppressor counterparts (Caucasians/Asians). White students are encouraged to confess their privilege and atone for their racism. When white students deny they are racist, the accusation is firmly reinforced using the denial as so-called evidence of their racism. Students of color are told that no matter how hard they work, they will never achieve the success of their oppressor counterparts. This creates despair and division causing the so-called “oppressed” to feel “victimized” and channeling their energy toward social justice activism to further propagate the lies. 

CRT further falsely emphasizes that America was founded as a “slavocracy” and fails to acknowledge that slavery was imported into the US long before our country was founded. It encourages students to demand and mandate that schools prioritize a “Black History” and “Ethnic Studies” history perspective, through rallies and protests. It gins up anger among minorities and encourages that they fight for “Restorative Justice.”

From Black Lives Matter at School: National coalition organizing for racial justice in education

Many school districts, teachers union officials, politicians, and “woke” corporate media pundits deny that CRT is in schools. However its practices are widespread across American classrooms and in an effort to conceal its existence, it has appeared under many other names. Among those are “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” “Social Justice,” “Culturally Responsive Education,” and “Equity Education.” CRT methods are generally not contained in a particular curriculum, although a few exist in the form of a “Rewritten History” designed to augment the CRT pedagogy. CRT is pushed into schools primarily through Framework documents which provide guidance, hands-on strategies and exercises for use in classrooms. In addition, outside groups such as Black Lives Matter at School provide resources to train teachers on CRT and show them how to implement it throughout all subjects.

“Historical Revisionist” and NY Times Writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, with the support of The New York Times Magazine, developed one such History curriculum called the 1619 Project. The premise of this curriculum is that America was not founded in 1776 at the signing of The Declaration of Independence, but rather in 1619 when the first slave ship from Africa reached the shores of North America. It reframes history to put slavery at the center of every part of American History. It centers around the false idea that that slavery was crucial to the American Revolution and founding of our nation. It ignores many great contributions made by white American men throughout history, instead focusing on the victimization of the black race through the slave trade. Clearly slavery in America was a major evil and a stain on American history. However, the U.S. is the only country that fought a bloody civil war to end slavery, costing the lives of 700,000 Americans. Facts like these are conspicuously missing from The 1619 Project.

The New York Times' Magazine's CRT Curriculum

CRT Explained, by Christopher Rufo

Christopher Rufo is a writer, filmmaker, and activist challenging critical race theory and gender ideology in America’s institutions.

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