Dance, Shimmy, and Gesticulate: Democrats Fight for the Right to Be Perverts

by Darrell Frost, September 29, 2023

For some inexplicable reason, the same people who like on-demand abortion hate laws intended to protect kids from sexual exploitation after they’re born, and they’ve been especially busy the last few months putting up roadblocks to the enforcement of several such laws recently passed by state legislators in Texas.

The latest development in this absurd contest is a ruling by a Reagan-appointed federal judge (read it below) finding that a law meant to protect kids from being exposed to lewd sexual performances violates the right to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment.

After previously issuing a preliminary injunction against Senate Bill 12 before it could go into effect, 84-year-old U.S. District Judge David Hittner ruled this week that the law is unconstitutional because it “impermissibly infringes on the First Amendment and chills free speech.” Specifically, he determined the law is not narrowly focused and discriminates against certain content and viewpoints, creating a restraint on protected speech.

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