Drag Queens Sexualizing Children

In recent years, drag queens have been hired by radical activists to read to children during library story time. Unsurprisingly, these “family friendly” events include lewd behaviors including exposing children to adult private parts, simulated sex acts, and hyper-sexualized rhetoric, all designed to desensitize children to sex. In other words, the drag queens are grooming our children for sexual activity. It is no surprise that the radicals would choose drag queens to groom children. After all, they are clown-like, fun, playful, goofy, and no adult should take them seriously, right? Then why are children routinely being encouraged to stuff dollar bills into the g-strings of these drag queens at “family friendly” shows? The answer is clear – by desensitizing children to sexual acts of perversion, they become easy prey for predators. This opens the door to all kinds of child sexual exploitation including sex trafficking and pedophilia. 

The most effective way to illustrate how dangerous and perverted this is, is to provide the videos below. (WARNING: THESE VIDEOS ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN, OR THE FAINT OF HEART!)