Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Curricula

Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Video on 'Consent'

CONTENT WARNING! This video contains sensitive material.


Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is exposing kids in publicly-funded schools to graphic Sex Ed and unscientific gender theories. The so-called “National Sexuality Education Standards” (NSES) were developed by a group of activist organizations committed to creating radical social change through sex ed. They are a self-appointed group whose objective is to “kick heteronormativity to the curb.” The organizations consist of Advocates for Youth, Answer (a Sex Ed program through Rutgers University), SIECUS, Planned Parenthood and the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). They believe that every child should be given graphic information about sex including the mechanics of oral, anal and vaginal sex. The curriculum encourages sexual and gender exploration and sees all types of sexual relationships including non-monogamous as healthy and of equal value. Consent is presented to children as young as 4 years old. Parents believe that this will help their children to say “NO” to inappropriate touch and sex. In actuality, it’s teaching children to negotiate for sexual pleasure. 

Find out what curriculum your schools are using if they are teaching Sex Ed. Below are some examples of CSE curriculums and/or materials with links to the evidence:

Planned Parenthood (Check out their digital tools.)

Rights, Respect and Responsibility, aka 3Rs

Be Real, Be Ready

Teen Talk  also known as Healthy Teen Network

AMAZE (from Advocates for Youth) provides children with cartoon videos that discuss sexual orientation, gender identity, oral sex, abortion, abortion with pills, Transgender Day of Visibility, puberty blockers, masturbation, female masturbation, erections, pornography, annoying parents, and much more. In the Rights, Respect & Responsibility lessons, teachers guides refer students to these AMAZE videos as instructional materials. Their YouTube channel has 64 million views so the kids are definitely watching.

In the state of Texas, Sex Ed is not a requirement by the Department of Education. However, the radical activists at SIECUS are pushing hard to get Texas legislation passed that would require “inclusivity” in sex education because in their view, not providing LGBTQIA+ is discriminatory. They are making incremental steps toward their ultimate goal of CSE curriculum taught throughout the state. This is why it’s critical for parents to ask questions about what exactly is being taught in classrooms.

Below are some examples from some of the curriculum above.

Below Are Some Examples From Above Listed Curriculum

The images below are from a 2nd grade lesson in Rights, Respect and Responsibility called “Understanding Our Bodies.” To retain some semblance of dignity, we have covered up the graphic details in the illustration. However, 2nd graders get to see it all. It explains that the clitoris is “sensitive to indirect and direct touch.” Also notice that they felt it necessary to correct the slang word “boner” by explaining that there are no bones in an erect penis. This is sexual grooming. According to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), “Exposing children to sexual content is a form of abuse.” Those pushing for this curriculum in schools argue that 7-year olds should learn proper anatomy. This crosses a boundary from relevant information to titlliating children’s curiosity about sexual pleasure.

CSE is “SeXXX Ed.” It promotes sexual pleasure as a right for all children. In the Teacher’s Resource graphic above, the lesson plan for 2nd graders emphasizes that, “…the clitoris is sensitive to indirect and direct touch.” This stirs up a dangerous curiosity about sexual organs that has negative consequences. According to NCOSE “There is a rising trend of child-on-child sexual abuse…”

Who instructs the teachers how to teach CSE? Here are a few providers:

Cardea Services

Healthy Teen Network

Planned Parenthood

Advocates for Youth

UNESCO – The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder

Lessons from Austin ISD 6th & 7th Grade Health Education