The Triple Threat



Critical theories have become commonplace in all areas of K-12 public education–even here, in Texas. As elements of a new worldview attempt to dominate our culture, parents have been shocked to discover how pervasive it’s become in our own ISDs-library books & reading assignments writing prompts, student surveys, activist clubs, smartphone apps & mental health checks, as well as system-wide equity training. But, why the lack of transparency?

When parents are being silenced, threatened, doxxed and arrested for speaking out at school board meetings about inappropriate content and toxic teaching methods, we must ask ourselves what corrupt school board trustees and administrators are trying to hide. It’s time to expose how our tax dollars (and the recent $11.2 billion in federal Covid Bribes, ahem, relief funds), are being used to replace Texas education with indoctrination.


Sex & Gender Theory

Objective biological science has been replaced with a “fluid art” of “anything goes” in the areas of sexuality and gender. The result is that many young children are suffering sexual, emotional, physical and spiritual damage.

Critical Race Theory

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s standard of judging others by the content of their character is out, and the view that America is systemically racist is in. Our statues are coming down, history is being rewritten and patriotism is no longer cool.

Social Emotional Learning

Teachers are trained to “build connectedness” with students to become the most-trusted adult in their life. This undermines parental authority. Teachers probe kids about sensitive personal matters to mold their beliefs and behaviors according to the new worldview. In addition, the data collection and privacy issues make SEL an intrusive nightmare.

Our kids deserve an equal opportunity to receive an authentic education. In a world where we can no longer agree on the definition of male and female, parents cannot safely rely on “Big Ed” to shape the values, beliefs and attitudes of our children. WE must demand transparency and protect Texas children from being used as social justice pawns trained to go along with this destructive agenda.

To learn more about The Triple Threat, watch this video.

What is the Triple Threat in Public Schools?
Protect Our Kids


Protect Our Kids is a non-profit organization that is doing great work exposing the radical indoctrination in public schools across the country. Founder Mark R. Schneider is the author of this American Thinker piece  which defines two of the three growing threats in public schools: Gender Theory and Critical Race Theory. Download, print and share Protect Our Kids’ ‘Triple Threat’ brochure here.

Watch MISEDUCATED: The Decline of America's Schools, from PraguerU

The Triple Threat of Gender Theory, Critical Race Theory & Social & Emotional Learning, Explained